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Amped Adventure is Committed to Saving the Planet

eBikes and eScoooters are a vital part of the clean mobility, transportation portfolio of the future.  eBikes and eScooters use no carbon fuels, and can help with that "last mile" from home or work to mass transit.  Unfortunately our new eBikes and eScooters come with  a lot of packaging to protect them during shipping, the good news is we have found a way to recycle or reuse just about everything that comes in the box.  

We found a great company Styro Recycle in Kent that comes and picks up our Polyethelene Styrofoam, and recycles it into Blocks that manufacturers re use to make building materials, and other consumer goods.   They also recycle all the clear plastic bags that our accesorries come in, and the cellphane wrap the pallets of bikes come in.  Our shipper XPO, recycles our pallets.  Republic recycling recycles our paper and cardboard.  From a bike in a box full of packaging, all that is thrown away is a handful of zip ties, and some tape. 

Bikes Arrive!

Aventon tries to minimize packaging, but it still has to arrive safely so the boxes are full of polyfoam for protection. The Pallets are given back to the delivery driver for reuse.


When we take them out of the boxes they are packed in foam, and cardboard, we separate it all out for recycling.


Our friend Danny is the Best!  He buys used bikes with his own money, fixes them up, and sends them back to Vietnam for people in need.  He picks up boxes to ship his bikes in, what a great re use for these boxes. 


We separate out paper and cardboard, polyfoam, styrofoam, clear plastic bags, and cellopane pallet wrap so that they can all be picked up and recycled.

Styro Recycle

Styro Recycle in Kent will recycle all of your foam or bags for free, if you drop it off.  We pay to have them come pick up our foam, and bags, and cellophane.  They process the foam at their plants and resell the blocks to companies for reuse. We are very thankful for their stellar service.

Lots of Foam

The bikes and scooters come packed in lots of foam, but we recycle every last piece of it, so it won't end up in an landfill on our watch!

Bags Too

Clear plastic bags are hard to recycle, Styro Recycle takes them too, if you need to drop your off, please do, and we'll recycle them for you. 


After all the recycling, all that is left are a few zip ties, and some tape pieces from the foam.  We work hard to minimize our foot print, and be part of the solution. This picture shows what we can't recycle out of a full boxed up new bike.

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