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Kaabo Mantis King GT
Light, Portable and Foldable - At 74 lbs, the Mantis King GT is portable and powerful, with a compact folded footprint of 50” long by 26” wide by 22.2” tall. With slightly wider handlebars and a redesigned, reinforced frame, it’s built for long-term riding and is small enough to fit in your car’s trunk. Grand Touring Performance - The sine wave motor controllers keep acceleration smooth from 0 mph to 40 mph+, the thumb throttle makes it easy to modulate speed, and the anti-glare 4.2” TFT display allows you to easily view stats and program settings. 1100W Motors - The Mantis is famous for its nimble handling, and the GT is faster and better. Paired with powerful front and rear BLDC hub motors for up to 4000W max power, the Mantis GT will carry you uphill easily and give you over 50 miles of range. Adjustable Hydraulic Suspension - With dial-adjustable front and rear hydraulic suspension, you can customize the response to your preferences and the terrain. For a bouncier, softer response, turn the dial clockwise. For a stiffer, more fixed feel, turn the dial counterclockwise.
Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT
Easier to See at Speed - This 4.2” anti-glare TFT display sets a new standard for all electric scooters, being 3X larger than the traditional EY3 display. It’s also centered on the handlebars, making it easier to read your speedometer, voltmeter, battery and other stats, as well as customize performance settings. Dual Stem with Quicker, Easy Folding - Only the Wolf Warrior X GT has dual collar-style folding mechanisms on the front fork, making it faster and easier to fold this high performance scooter for transport. To fold, open the swingarms, loosen the collars, and slide upward to let the stem fall forward over the deck (Note: handlebars do not lock to the deck). All Wheel Drive, Hybrid Tires + Hydraulic Brakes - With 10” hybrid (inner tube) tires, you can tackle urban roadways and backwood trails because they’re designed for both street and off-road riding. Dual Zoom hydraulic brakes deliver excellent stopping power, and the front hydraulic suspension and rear suspension smooth out bumps in the road.
Hiboy S2 Pro
The most popular model, hiboy s2pro electric scooter is foldable and portable for adult daily commuting. Higher power and longer range than its brother S2 for commuting or city adventuring.
Hiboy Titan Pro
As fierce as a beast, the Giant born for off road riding. The Titan Pro features a dual 2400 W (1200 W x 2) brushless DC motor able to deliver enough power to speed up to 32 mph. Designed for riders who need high weight load or off road racing fanatics. Max Load 286lb/130kg.
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