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The Mantis Pro SE (special edition) is an excellent commuter scooter, and has a storied history in the industry. As the only single-stem scooter from Kaabo, the Mantis Pro is known for having a lighter build but quick performance. As the latest generation in the Pro line, this e-scooter has a bright high-mounted headlight and front and rear turn signals as built-in safety features. Along with these additions, the Mantis also has improved design and construction for a stiffer, more solid performance. With air-filled tires paired with front and rear spring suspension (not adjustable), the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE Electric Scooter has a very nimble ride that works well on city streets. Not only is it made for carving corners, it also has a high water resistance rating, meaning it can withstand riding in wet environments. If you want a reliable scooter with enough speed to keep up with traffic, the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE Electric Scooter is an excellent choice. Dual 1000W motors and 60V 27A square wave controllers for up to 41 mph top speed Has up to 45 miles of range due to its 60V 24Ah LG battery Equipped with 10” x 3” pneumatic tires (inner tubes) and full hydraulic brakes (140 mm rotors) Foldable scooter design that clips to deck for easier carrying Cockpit includes EY3 finger throttle and LCD, rubber button consoles, and angled handlebars
The 2023 EMOVE Cruiser S electric scooter is the ultimate commuting machine, getting up to 62 miles of long range and up to 33 mph top speed. Suitable for adults up to 352 pounds, the Cruiser is stacked with features: foldable handlebars, hybrid XTECH hydraulic brakes, key start ignition, turn signals, and more. Balancing performance and portability, the Cruiser is an exceptional commuter for everyday driving. Bored of all-black designs? This performance-level electric scooter is available in many colors: black, white, orange, purple, blue, and red. 52V 30Ah Battery, BMS, 18650 Cells IPX6 water resistance rating Tubeless tires Plug-and-play cabling 1 year warranty The EMOVE Cruiser S is the newest generation of our award-winning long range electric scooter. It is the only single-motor scooter with a sine wave controller in the world. For that reason, the Cruiser S has smoother acceleration, better battery efficiency, electronic braking, and can more easily climb hills than earlier generations. Overall, the many improvements make this adult scooter easier to ride (and keep riding, long-term). They also get rid of some of the nuisances our riders have reported since the last release, all without increasing our price. Here are the updates from edition to edition: New White LCD (brighter and better display) New thumb throttle (no throttle lag and more ergonomic design) Black folding mechanism and knob (previously silver) 1000W motor with a quieter performance (no motor growl) Improved stem clamp (more secure)
Light, Portable and Foldable - At 74 lbs, the Mantis King GT is portable and powerful, with a compact folded footprint of 50” long by 26” wide by 22.2” tall. With slightly wider handlebars and a redesigned, reinforced frame, it’s built for long-term riding and is small enough to fit in your car’s trunk. Grand Touring Performance - The sine wave motor controllers keep acceleration smooth from 0 mph to 40 mph+, the thumb throttle makes it easy to modulate speed, and the anti-glare 4.2” TFT display allows you to easily view stats and program settings. 1100W Motors - The Mantis is famous for its nimble handling, and the GT is faster and better. Paired with powerful front and rear BLDC hub motors for up to 4000W max power, the Mantis GT will carry you uphill easily and give you over 50 miles of range. Adjustable Hydraulic Suspension - With dial-adjustable front and rear hydraulic suspension, you can customize the response to your preferences and the terrain. For a bouncier, softer response, turn the dial clockwise. For a stiffer, more fixed feel, turn the dial counterclockwise.
The EMOVE Touring Portable and Foldable Electric Scooter is the most value-packed commuter we’ve got, and everyday riders love it for a good reason. It’s a lightweight performance machine with a 48V 13AH LG battery and single 500 W rear motor, getting up to 25 mph top speed and 32 miles of ample range. The EMOVE Touring Portable and Foldable Electric Scooter has gone through generations of updates based on rider’s feedback, including a longer deck with higher ground clearance for more comfortable riding, plug-and-play cabling so you can replace electronics as needed, and posts in the deck for adding accessories. The Touring is customizable, comfortable and low-maintenance, and an excellent e-scooter for first-time riders.
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