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Electrify Your Life With An Apollo or HiBoy Scooter 

Amped Adventure is one of 5 certified Apollo repair shops in the country.  Try before you buy - we have the Phantom V2 52V Hydraulic and an Apollo Air in shop to test ride.  Come try today then buy online. These are not your cheap Costco scooters, there are serious scooters for serious commuting, or serious fun.  We are an Apollo Affiliate dealer, so you can try here but must still buy online from Apollo by following the links below to purchase.  

The HiBoy Titan Pro and S2 Pro have arrived and are in stock in our shop, just in time for Black Friday, come check them out.  HiBoy is a great valued and powerful scooter.  They have great support for parts so we can keep you scooter going for years after purchase.  Come test ride a HiBoy today. 

Hiboy Titan Pro

As fierce as a beast, the Giant born for off road riding.
The Titan Pro features a dual 2400 W (1200 W x 2) brushless DC motor able to deliver enough power to speed up to 32 mph. Designed for riders who need high weight load or off road racing fanatics. Max Load 286lb

Hiboy S2 Pro

The most popular model, hiboy s2pro electric scooter is foldable and portable for adult daily commuting. Higher power and longer range than its brother S2 for commuting or city adventuring. 25 Miles Long-range & 19 MPH Top-speed. Powerful 500W Motor.


Upgraded 500W motor, 21700 lithium battery, larger 15Ah battery, dedicated re-gen throttle, and the best-in-class folding mechanism. Take a nice stroll around the block or speed through the city as fast as 21 mph with the upgraded 500W motor. Range anxiety? Worry no more. Ride up to 31 miles on a single charge, courtesy of the all-new 21700 battery cells. With the first ever re-generative braking throttle, brake swiftly and more efficiently than ever before. The front dual suspension system and large 10-inch tires provide the most comfortable riding experience. The lightest in our line-up weighing only 38 lbs. It's easy to carry and easier to fold. Take it everywhere you go.


Our most integrated e-scooter. Created for the city where design meets performance without compromise thanks to our latest and strongest 21700 lithium battery. A design so advanced you don't notice it. Our first scooter with IP56 water resistance. Best in class dual-motor for high performance: 32 mph top speed, up to 38 miles of range. Triple suspension system. Double the shock absorption. One incredibly comfortable ride. Our first-ever regen throttle recharges your battery and reduces mechanical brake use. Equipped with self-healing tires. Gel lines inside the tire that instantly seal any puncture. Ride the city, and everywhere else.

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APOLLO PRO - Coming Soon

Powered by a dual motor drive and our proprietary M1 controller. First ever scooter with phone-as-display, re-gen braking, and 360-degree lights. Welcome to the hyper scooter world. Our first scooter with the proprietary MACH1 controller.  Add dual motors and you get a record breaking top speed of 43 mph and 62 miles of range thanks to our latest and strongest 21700 lithium battery.  Introducing the first ever phone-as-display with wireless charging. Simply slide your phone in, open the Apollo app, and enjoy a riding experience unlike any other. The first hyper scooter with built-in GPS connectivity, smart battery management system, and 10 separate sensors. Countless possibilities within the Apollo app. Brake insanely smoothly with the all new dedicated re-gen throttle. Oh, and re-charge your battery up to 10% while doing so.


Powered by two high-efficiency brushless motors with nominal output of 1200W each in the 52V variant and 1400W each in the 60V variant, the Phantom has out-of-this-world maximum instantaneous power. The Phantom features a completely proprietary suspension design called the Quadruple Suspension System. By using four springs instead of two, we've revolutionized shock-dampening capabilities while offering dynamic travel. The Phantom relies on our tried and true Dynavolt cells, famously used in electric motorcycles and across other Apollo products. Its 1216 Watt hour battery (52V 23.4aH) offers impressive range: up to 40 miles (conservative) & 25 miles (at max power).