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Bike / Scooter - Service & Repair

We are here for you LFP & Shoreline

We service all kinds of bikes, electric or not, e scooters, jogging strollers and trikes. Click the button below, to schedule a time to drop off your bike for a repair. 

We offer a $75 diagnostic service to troubleshoot your ride. Simply schedule a drop off time below, then drop off your bike or scooter, then when we get it on the stand and give it diagnostic check, we'll message you to let you know what we think is wrong, how much it will cost to fix, and to see if you approve the repairs.  

If you just need a simple No Clean Tune up, you can schedule that below as well. 

If you purchased your bike from us we will give you free labor on repairs (tune ups not included) for 3 years after purchase. (labor free parts extra).  

Click the Button To Schedule A Service Drop Off, after the window opens click schedule service on the left.

Tune-Up Package Options

For the most comprehensive service and the best value, we recommend choosing one of our complete tune-up packages. We also offer a la carte bike repairs if you're in need of a minor fix or adjustment. We strive to complete your bike service quickly and accurately. Learn more about our packages and visit us today. We have other options like a Full Clean Tune up for $130.

No Clean Maintenance Tune


Tune-Up includes:

Brake adjustments

Shifter adjustments

Chain lubrication

Measure chain for wear

Align derailleurs

Tighten bolts, handlebar, cranks, pedals 

Parts are extra and if needed we will message for approval

New Bike Builds


If you purchased a bike somewhere else, we can still help.

New Bike Build Includes:

Complete assembly

Derailleur adjustement

Headset adjustments

Brake adjustments

Test Ride

Accessory installs are extra

Brake Services

Brake Services (labor only, parts are extra)

Brake Adjustment (each) $20

Cable Replacement (each) $25

Pad Replacement and Piston Retraction for Hydraulic Disc Systems (each) $25

True Bent Rotor (each) $15

Replace Rotor (each) $20

Bleed Hydraulic System/Clean System (each) $55

Install Hydraulic System (pair) $75

Replace Rim Brake Pads (each) $10

Click the Button To Schedule A Service Drop Off, after the window opens click schedule service on the left.

Tire and Tube Repair

We are right next to the Burke Gilman Trail, so we see a lot of flats.  We have a whole assortment of tubes and repair tools for sale.  If we are not too busy we try and help out emergency flats, but please understand we are a bustling new shop, and can't always drop what we're doing for an immediate repair.  We do have plenty of tools to share and an air compressor so if you can do the repair yourself, we highly encourage it.  Our costs for most tube and tire repairs are below:

Tube Install (labor only, tube is extra) - $10

Tire Install (labor only, tire is extra) - $10

Tubeless Tire Install (labor only, includes valve and sealant, tire is extra, per tire) - $40

Tire Slime - helps prevent leaks $10 per tire

Scooter Tire Replacement - $75 - Tubeless / Pneumatic, or Tire and/or Tube repair or replacement (If you bring in your own tube and tire, make sure it's the correct match.  We stock some, and can order anything, but that will add time to the overall repair time) - $75 per tire or tube (labor only cost of tube or tire extra).