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Aventon eBikes - In Stock and ready to test ride

Aventure ST

Step though or step over, 750 W motor, 4" Tires, Loads of Fun.  Get on or off the road in style. Aventure awaits, go get it.


Come see Aventon's newest model, the ever popular Level, now with integrated lights and upgraded display. Step though or step over

Pace 500 ST

A comfortable cruiser, with lots of power and speed if you want it.  Class I, II, or III at your disposal. Step though or step over

Soltera 7 ST

Light weight, nimble, and stealthy. Step though or step over the Soltera is a 350 watt hybrid that is a great entry into eBiking.

Sinch ST

500 Watts of foldable fun.  The Sinch is easy to get on, easy to fold, and easy to ride. 


The original folding bike. The Sinch is fun on and off the trail. It's easy to ride and easy to breakdown.


Big and Bad, the Aventure can do it all.  Big Tires, Big Motor, Big Fun. Ride it on the road or the beach.


Fenders and Rack Check, Tail Lights Check, Headlights Check, Front Suspension Check. 

Pace 500

Black or Sand, the Pace 500 Traditional is a cruiser, that can also commute in style.  Add racks and fenders for year round fun.

Soltera 7

Rides like a traditional bike, but with a little boost for those hills, or to extend the commute, or to go a bit faster.

Pace 350

Traditional or Step Through, the Pace 350, is a bit lighter, a bit smaller motor, but just as fun and comfortable to ride.


The original Level is still around, but with free add on headlight, and add on tail light, and upgraded color display, for the original price.