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Aventon eBikes - In Stock and ready to test ride

The New Soltera.2, Sinch.2, Pace.3 and Abound's are Here!

All of Aventon's bikes now have integrated lights, and TORQUE sensors!!  Come test ride the light and nimble Soltera.2 with lights, blinkers, and torque sensor. Come Try the Sinch.2 folding bike, also with lights, fenders, blinkers, and a torque sensor. Come test ride the Pace.3 comfortable cruiser with lights, blinkers and torque sensor.  And come test out the new Abound Cargo bike, with a 750 watt motor, lights, fenders, blinkers, torque sensor, and enough accessories to carry all your stuff.  We have them all in the shop to Test Ride, and many in stock for purchase, and of course we can special order anything we don't have in stock.  Come in today!!

Ramblas eMTB

The new Aventon Ramblas eMTB has arrived!  It comes in 4 sizes, S, M, L, XL.  It has a 250 watt motor, and a whopping 100 Nm or torque! The battery is Aventon 708 WH. 36V LG 21700 cells, which can go 80 miles on eco mode.  We have them in stock and available to test ride, come on by anytime Wed-Sun, 9-5!

Aventure.2 ST

Step though or step over, 750 W motor, 4" tires, torque sensor, integrated lights and blinkers.  Aventure awaits, go get it.


Come one of our most popular bikes, the Level.  It has integrated lights and fenders and rear rack included, and of course the torque sensor.


Fenders and rack check, tail lights check, headlights check, front suspension check, torque sensor check, it's ready to ride. 


750 watt motor, torque sensor, fenders, blinkers and rear rack included. This bike is a beast! Come ride one today.


A comfortable cruiser, with torque sensor, and blinkers.  Class I, II, or III. Step though only


Rides like an anaolog bike, but with a little boost for those hills, or to extend the commute.


750 watt motor, torque sensor, blinkers, add kid racks and panniers, and this is your car replacement.


Foldable, torque sensor, blinkers, lights, fenders a rack, it's all included. Come test ride one today!